Media about the chorus leader and conductor

Community through music

In Björkekärr’s church laughter is mixed with singing

”The pace is fast and Rickard is keen to make it sound like he wants. Korsdrag is becoming an established name in the travel circuits .. (…) The concentration of the rehearsals are high but high-spirited and joyful – not unlike childrens’ sight of a large bag of candy on Saturdays. (…) Choirs in general and the choir Korsdrag in particular is to its name a popular movement – here you will find all ages and social classes. (…) There are many 40- and 50-talists who got to sit down and were excluded during the school’s music lessons and have now found their way back to the joy of singing together with others, thanks to choir leaders as Rickard Scheffer. ”

(ÖHT, Örgryte-Härlanda Newspaper, Stefan Larsson 1998-02-09)



The young ones are singing in Ingelstad

The cantor has gained momentum in choral activities
”- Anyone can learn to sing if you start in time and get the right guidance, claiming Rickard Scheffer. (…) In the middle of May the choirs sang at one of the scenes Liseberg in Gothenburg on Sunday appeared together with Lasse Berghagen and Kjell Öhman Trio .. (…), for example, the guys in Luakören thrive proven that it has happened that someone renounced a football match in favor of choir practice! ”

(Kyrkans Tidning, Stig Martinsson 2001-05-31)



Väckelsång’s church offered Mozart’s Requiem

A last ray of light before the darkness of corruptibility

”(…) Led by good musical intuition and love for the beautiful .. (…) Participants were Vaxjo City Symphony Orchestra led by Rickard Scheffer, Ingelstads- and Väckelsångs united choirs .. (…) The festive evening began Rickard Scheffer pompous Marcia Solenne for organ and Sub tuum praesidium of WA Mozart. (…) Introitus with its massive sound and dignity gave a foretaste of the upcoming drama. Dubbelfugan in the Kyrie part was played and sung with astonishing professionalism. Dies irae got a serious character, while threatening Tuba mirum made a statement colored by the dialogue between the chorus and an expressive trombone. Rex tremendae majestatis interpreted in an intelligent manner which seriously and resignation was a sound pleasant drive. the live dialogue between the gentle ladies choir and the energetic male choir in Confutatis confident. So did the dramas ethereal highlight Lacrimosa, a summary of the piece the whole emotional scale. One of the ensemble’s most successful rates were Domine Jesu Christe, which with its expressive soloist voices and distinctive instrumental efforts had something hopeful about it. Hostias was sung with transparency and inner peace. Sanctus and its lovely imitations came alive with will power and elegance. Agnus Dei was built on a suggestive and bright feeling as if it was a prelude to the gentle Benedict. The catching Lux Aeterna part was sung and played on a soulful – but not at all supplied – way. (…) The interaction between all the elements of the large sound body, from the compact choir to the inspired vocal quartet, and from the instrumentalists fine efforts to the talented conductor’s formidable work is worthy of a great tribute. ”

(SMP, Smålandsposten, 2002-11-18)


Song Contest with the children’s choir in Linneryd

”If the right song won, there is certainly disagreement on. That the right performer won However, there is no doubt – all contributions were made clear from Linneryds Assembly choir. (…) .. Song Dagny (…) gained the most points by both the four jurors as the audience and the choir members themselves. This is despite the choir, under the direction of Richard Scheffer, made very strong performances also with other classic hits, as Lena Philipson It hurts and Carola Eternity. ”

(SMP, Smålandsposten, Kerstin Alriksson 2007-03-12)



Advertising in new roles

(…) It is certainly a shortage of really good and intelligent advertising. Such as entrenched and becomes a pure joy to meet the media. But when it appears, it sometimes happens that it has a life of its own, beyond the television screen and full-page newspaper. Like when the children’s choir in Linneryd recently had his own song contest, where a selection of popular pop winners competed in a new guise and with specially composed scenography. When the choir sang ”It hurts,” illustrated this with great feeling of a little acting talent named Mollie Samuelsson. She got no relief from the ice pack. First when her friends sang ”The Ipren Song” the pain went over. An equally creative as intelligent custom processing of Swedish popular culture, in the form of popular songs and advertising, ”

(SMP, Smålandsposten, Chronicle of Carin Fredlund 2007-03-19)