Recordings, compositions

Selections from the list of works (samples from each work)

DIFFERENT FACES for clarinet in Bb (1992) 6-7 min (The begining 1’19”) Andreas Edlund, clarinet


EN CHANTANT for orchestra (1994-95) 16 min (The begining 1’44”) GMH:s’ Symphony orchestra, conductor Carlos Spierer


EN RÖST UR HÖGA VISAN for 38 female voices a cappella Commissioned by Ladies choir Stella Academica (1991-93) 9 min (The end 1’17”)


FABLE for mezzo soprano, tenor and bass baritone (1993) 4 min. Text from ”Animal farm” by George Orwell. (The begining 0’56”)


FAIR PLAY for saxophone quartet To Stockholm saxophone quartet (2003) approx. 6 min (The begining 1’34”)


FOCUS ON for organ and registrant (3 parts) (1993-94) Dedicated to F Malmberg 18 min (The begining 1’09” from part 1)


REMINISCENS for clarinet in Bb and guitar (1994) 6-7 min (The begining 1’19”)


SKÄRVA for tape (1994) 12 min. Composed in The Lindblad studio, Gothenburg. (The begining 1’09’)


Ö för altröst och piano Tillägnad Päivi Loponen (1992) Text: Ann. Jäderlund 3 min (Inledningen 1’04”)




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